Game Review: The Surge

I found myself in a strange situation when I was moving. I was without internet for 2 weeks and so I had a very limited selection of what I could play. I decided to visit my brother and use his internet to download a bunch of singleplayer games and I saw that The Surge was available through EA Origin and decided to give it another go.

I had played the game on a PS4 trial a long time ago and kind of enjoyed it, but couldn't get into it. But now I was practically forced to play it as I was so deep into PUBG but couldn't play it until I had internet. I am glad I played it again as I got super deep into it and enjoyed the spin on the Dark Souls-like formula the game has. The limb cutting and weapon system was great, and this game was hard, but not quite as hard as a Souls game as you can actually bank the "Scrap" you get from defeating enemies used to craft or level up. 

I chose to stick with the Operator class which is the fastest in the game and I enjoyed my time with it a great deal. My only real complaint was that I felt the level design at times didn't make a whole lot of sense. The graphics are great, the sound design is fantastic, the story is decent, but most importantly, the game was fun.

Even after my internet came back up I took time to finish the game and had a great time doing it. This is a super late review, but as there is a sequel announced, you should check this game out as you can pick it up for pretty cheap and try it out in time for the sequel.


Is it good?


Bryan Peterson