Game Review: God of War (2018)

When I sat down to play this game I was excited. I tried to stay away from most of the videos for this game and went in as blind as possible. I suggest everybody try and do the same. This review will have minimal spoilers.


Gameplay is fantastic. When the original gameplay was shown, many people questioned how well it would work. Would there still be big boss fights and crazy moments? Yes, there are. The combat is fantastic and I NEVER thought I would like a weapon in a God of War title as much as the Chains, but the Leviathan Axe is amazing. The game probably has more to it than the other 3 mainline games combined. 

Story is fantastic and I was so happy when it was shown that it would be set in Norse mythology as that is the set of Gods I like the most. Some of the early stuff was "spoiled" for me as I made guesses on who or what certain things were, but it never took away from it. It just felt great to put a little bit of the knowledge I have in the matter to use. 

Sound design is amazing. If you have the access to a great sound system, USE IT! I won't go into much more detail for fear of spoiling things, but this might be the best sound in a video game I have experienced.

Graphics are amazing, as usual with Sony Santa Monica games. If you have access to a 4K HDR display this is a showpiece. There are effects that blew me away and kept me amazed with how good it looked.

Short version: Buy this game.




Bryan Peterson