Game Review: Superhot VR

When Superhot VR launched on the Oculus Rift and everybody showered it with praise I was jealous as I only owned the PSVR. Now that the game has released for PSVR, did it deserve the hype?

In short, yes. When the game is working it is one of the best VR experiences you can... experience. Doing anything makes you feel really cool and they ease you into the different mechanics. The most basic mechanic being that, when you move, time moves. So you will be waving your arms around a bit sometimes to make time go forward and you might feel dumb with others in the room, but it works well and is a great mechanic. 

The game suffers from tracking issues if you don't have a big play space. The best set up so far has been the Playstation Camera being set up chest level angled down slightly. The main issue is that there are times where a weapon is on the ground, but if you don't have the room, your hands will be out of the "Play Area". This makes some of the later levels rather difficult. Having only played the PSVR version, I cannot attest to the quality of the Vive version. I suspect some of my issues with the game are purely from the way the PSVR keeps track of the Move controllers.

Another issue is a total lack of a menus. I would've really liked a level select from the get go, as there were times I got stuck on a late level and wished I could go back to an early level just to experience it without failing the later levels many times.



Score: 4/5


Developer: SUPERHOT Team
Publisher: SUPERHOT Team
Platform(s): Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PSVR

Platform(s) Played: PSVR

Price: 24.99 (USD)

Reviewer: Bryan Peterson

Bryan Peterson