Game Review: I Expect You To Die (VR)

I Expect You To Die is a VR game that was inspired by the Bond films and it nails the aesthetic and feel. The intro feels very Bond with the music and visuals, all while being rendered for you to be able to look around. 


The missions present different puzzle where you must figure out how to complete the objective and escape whatever contraptions there are trying to prevent you from doing so. The levels get harder and harder and require more and more trial and error. The trial and error only got frustrating in one level because there was a very specific thing you have to do in a specific order and you can't know it until you get to each step.

Each mission begins with a briefing that details what your objective is and in the briefing room you can set up targets to shoot to get you accustomed to the controls. On PSVR, the Dual Shock 4 is usable, but I played with two Move controllers and found it to control really well. In a game that requires you to grab objects at a pretty decent distance, this game is one of the best in its control methods in that each hand is capable of using telepathy and grabbing things from a distance. Using the face buttons, you are able to push and pull the object around and then you can "stick" into the air. This is required sometimes as there are instructions for disarming a bomb, chemical reactions, safe combinations and a few other things. It feels really good to be working on something while looking to your side where you "pinned" a piece of paper with instructions on how to do the objective.

The levels have 6 challenges each, where 5 are level specific, and 1 is usually a speed run to beat the level. These are fun and varied and some are not obvious what you must do. It makes replaying the levels really fun, which is needed as the game only has 4 missions.

The game is a blast to play and it has replayability, but the price tag, 25 USD as of the time of this review, is a bit much for only 4 levels. That being said, I can definitely say I had a lot of fun with it and would definitely show it to friends and see how they attempt an escape.

Is it good? Yes.

Score: 4/5

Developer: Schell Games
Publisher: Schell Games
Release Date: December 6, 2016(Oculus), December 13, 2016 (PSVR)

Platform(s): PSVR and Windows

Platform(s) Played: PSVR

Price: 24.99 (USD)

Game Completed: Yes

Reviewer: Bryan Peterson


Bryan Peterson